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Ulwelling Law Practice Areas

real estate litigation

Real Estate Litigation

Ulwelling Law litigates a range of real estate disputes. We help property owners, real estate agents and brokers, property managers, and investors.

Here are some examples of cases we’ve handled:

  • Disputes over easements and property lines
  • Title
  • View rights
  • Earnest money deposits
  • Commercial and residential leases
  • Non-disclosed defects or detrimental conditions
  • Fraud
  • Enforcement of contract rights
  • Partition of property
  • Encroachments
  • Construction defects
  • Liens
  • Nuisances

Real Estate Transactions

We are experienced with commercial and residential real estate transactions, including lease deals and purchase and sale agreements.

Examples of clients in this area include:

  • Instructional banking and trust groups
  • Family trusts
  • Individual property owners
  • Real estate agents and brokers
  • Investors

We are readily familiar with industry forms such as AIR and CAR documents, and are also skilled in negotiating and drafting “custom” documents where necessary or appropriate. At Ulwelling Law, we emphasize the importance of attorney, broker and client cooperation in the early phases of each sale or lease, in order to anticipate and avoid potential legal pitfalls.

Real Estate Transactions
community association (hoa) law

Community Association (HOA) Law

We are proud to be recognized throughout Orange County and beyond as respected community association lawyers. Many of our clients come as referrals from other firms. Ulwelling Law is uniquely positioned in that we serve as general counsel for a number of HOA’s and are also willing to take on meritorious cases against HOA’s on behalf of individual owners.

Here are some examples of the work we handle in this area:

  • CC&R interpretation and enforcement
  • Architectural review disputes
  • Election challenges
  • Drafting amendments to governing documents
  • ADR and IDR
  • General advice and counsel
  • Preparation of opinions concerning ever-changing laws in this arena

Business Law

Ulwelling Law is a trusted advisor and advocate for our small business clients. We provide solutions.

Examples of our these clients are:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start-ups
  • Small and growing businesses
  • Sole proprietors

We provide transactional services such as entity formation, corporate compliance (Secretary of State filings), and contract review. We also give solutions to the seemingly endless list of challenges that confront the small business owner.

Some examples of these challenges are:

  • Labor and employment issues
  • Collection problems
  • Threats of lawsuits
  • Conflicts between owners
  • Customer complaints
    (including defamatory social media postings and lease negotiation)

While litigation is normally the last resort for the small business owner, we have the skills and experience to go to court when necessary.

business law
general civil litigation

General Civil Litigation

Ulwelling Law’s attorneys have extensive litigation experience with civil lawsuits of all kinds.

Examples of these lawsuits are:

  • Complex multi-party actions
  • Binding arbitration
  • Administrative hearings

We litigate on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants in state and federal courts throughout California.

Here are some of the types of cases we have taken to trial or arbitration:

  • Specific performance
  • Intellectual property
  • Property damage
  • HOA
  • Excessive use of force

While the ability to skillfully try a case is essential, the reality is that the vast majority of lawsuits settle through out-of-court mediation. With this in mind, we approach mediation with great diligence and preparation. We have successfully mediated hundreds of cases and are familiar with many of the top mediators in the area.

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